Meet the Founder of Valuable Life Skills!!!!

Meet Marisa Cotton! A Mompreneur with a vision and passion to help others. She is the creative mind behind Valuable Life Skills. After her father passed away in 2016, she wanted to do something to give back and share some of the knowledge that her father left her. Her father, a retired Accountant, and Mother, a semi-retired nurse, were sticklers for Financial Literacy and Education. They preached saving money and using credit responsibly. Her father even created a song that he would sing to her and her other 2 siblings all the time entitled “Save Your Money.”

Marisa is an awesome mother to a beautiful baby girl and wife to her long-time best friend of 14+ years. Marisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Cal State Dominguez Hills, a Master’s in Public Administration, with an Emphasis in Human Resources from Cal State Long Beach. She currently has a second Master’s pending from UCLA in Business Management focusing in Finance. She is certified in Project Management and Estate and Financial Planning, with 15 years in Human Resources. She is a dedicated member of her church and is heavily involved with the Youth and Young Adult ministry.

She takes pride and enjoys educating Youth and Young Adult in Valuable Life Skills needed in navigating life. She has the vision to change the narrative and educational beginnings of youth and young adults in terms of credit, financial literacy, and starting their careers. She places special interest in resume writing and interviewing, as these are the starting points to their careers and making money to manage.

With over 5+ years of experience in credit restoration and credit building, she has helped over 500 people and their families successfully repair their credit, buy homes and cars, and prosper financially.